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Knitting and so on
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Even though these hearts are 3-dimensional they are knitted back and forth. They are constructed of short rows and knitted all in garter stitch.

They come in three different sizes.

These little garter stitch hearts may also be a lovely way to practice your knitting skills – especially magic CO and grafting in garter stitch.

As to the name, “Herzchen” is the German word for little heart.

This is NOT a beginner pattern. In order to knit one of these hearts, you need the following knitting skills:

- Magic CO

- Short rows with wrap and turn

- Grafting in garter stitch

- Basic increases and decreases (kfb and ssk)

The 10 page pattern PDF contains:

- an explanation of the general construction

- six explanatory photos

- row-by-row patterns for these hearts in 3 sizes

- charts for hearts in 2 sizes

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A 10 page PDF with a knitting pattern for these cute little 3D hearts, i.e. complete written instructions (for 3 sizes) and complete charts (2 sizes)

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